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 Unlike traditional mattresses that only had foam and used to wear out upon use in few years. Hybrid mattresses are comparatively new in the market nowadays, and the most asked for. Hybrid mattresses are known for inducing peaceful sleep inside sleepers and pregnant women. Therefore, many side sleepers and pregnant women use the search terms “ Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers” and “best mattress for pregnant”. 

This article intends to bring in all relevant information regarding hybrid mattresses focusing on side sleepers and pregnant women.

What are Hybrid Mattresses?

Before digging into which hybrid mattresses are the best, it is essential to understand what hybrid mattresses refer to. A hybrid mattress does not merely consist of simple foam. Instead, it consists of multiple layers. These multiple layers are of latex, foam, and gel, along with an innerspring system. 

In addition to the pressure relief, such mattresses provide the sturdiness of the innerspring system for support. So call it a perfect blend of both. 

Several premium quality hybrid mattresses are available in the market. Most of the time, hybrid mattresses differ in either number of layers-primarily there are four or the width of the mattress. The layers included in a hybrid mattress are usually 

  • The Base
  • Support core with wrapped coils to give height to the mattress
  • A comfort layer consisting of foam, latex, and gel and 
  • A pillow top

Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers

People who sleep on their side are known as side sleepers. Although, this sleeping position is still contested for being the appropriate position. However, scientific studies prove that sleeping in this position relieves much of strain from the spine but simultaneously exerts pressure on the legs and arms. 

Whether sleeping on the side is a good sleeping position or not, side sleepers often struggle with sleeping. In addition, most of the side sleepers suffer shoulder pain or leg sprains due to the sink created by body weight on one side. 

In order to cope with these issues, we recommend side sleepers use the best hybrid mattress for side sleepers. Therefore, we have put together a list of the best options available in this category online.

  • Linenspa Hybrid Mattress
  • LUCID Latex Hybrid Mattress 
  • Novilla Queen Mattress
  • Sweetnight Queen Mattress
  • Inofia Queen Mattress
  • Olee Sleep Galaxy Hybrid Mattress
  • ZINUS Green Tea Hybrid Mattress
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